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  • Shrink film (colour)
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Choose QunGang Six advantages

QunGang Packaging,Your packaging one-stop service providers, focusing on packaging products for ten years!

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    Custom processing, on-demand supply

    Available according to customer demand of different materials, specifications, features, price of the product, can also be printed logo, contact information, slogan, etc.

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    Scale production, fast delivery

    The company self-built plant covers an area of 5,000 square meters, more than 100 employees, standardized plant, advanced processing equipment and technology, the general order 1-3 days fast delivery.

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    Dongguan city, home delivery

    Own transport fleet, Monday to Saturday, the city of Dongguan can be delivered free of charge, and accept the spot inspection.

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    Factory direct sales, the best price

    All products directly to end consumers, manufacturers direct supply, not through other channels, saving costs, allowing customers.

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    Professional customer service

    The sale of the product if the improper use of quality problems caused by the obligation to provide telephone guidance; under special circumstances, can also be on-site assistance.

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    VAT invoice

    Regular operation, with the general taxpayer qualification, if required to open 17% VAT invoices.

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DongGuan QunGang Packing Products Co., Ltd.

DongGuan QunGang Packing Products Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, is a research and development, production and marketing in one integrated packaging enterprises. The company's main products are: POF, PET, PVC shrink film, PE, PO, PP, OPP , CPE, PPE plastic bags, beautifully printed composite bags, Zifeng Dai, industrial plastic bags, portable printing bags, anti-static bags, shielding bags, bubble bags, sealing tape, printing tape, protective film, and other plastic Film products, products are widely used in packaging, electronics industry, automotive, construction, handicrafts and other industries ....